Outdoor Advertising

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Outdoor Media Offerings Include;

  • Mobile billboards
  • Digital billboards
  • Kiosks
  • Spectaculars
  • Bus posters
  • Shopping malls
  • Arenas
  • Cinema advertising
In the past, brand awareness and directing people to a location were the only objectives of using billboards. That’s because it wasn’t possible to convey any complex messages through the medium. Especially as people only see the message for a few seconds. This led to outdoor advertising becoming a support tool for direct mail, TV, radio and print mediums of advertising.
With the advent of the internet, digital screens and mobile technology, the way advertising used to be done was changed forever. Now, business owners have the choice to use QR codes, augmented reality, websites, and even mobile apps to get their message across. Outdoor ads work as a catalyst, helping brands start a conversation with their target demographics. In fact, outdoor ads can be used as a focal point for an entire marketing campaign, especially if they are interactive with the audience. So, outdoor advertising can actually be the way to direct your target audience to your business website…and hopefully make a purchase..

In-Depth Audience Measurement

When it comes to outdoor ads you can’t just place Out of Home advertising (OOH) anywhere and hope to get results. This is where we come in. When we plan an outdoor campaign, we ensure that the positions selected are highly visible in appropriate locations to ensure maximum impact. The form of OOH advertising selected is dependent on the goals of the campaign. For instance, you may be looking to drive customers to your store, so big and bold is key, alternatively you may want people to call, which could make smaller posters with a strip of tear off cards for people to take away more appropriate. There is a huge choice of campaign mechanics, and we work with you to ensure the correct options are utililised.

Get Demographic Breakdowns of your Outdoor Ads

In order to achieve the level of targeted demographic measurement that is needed for OOH advertising, there is a certain amount of granularity required in the analysis. We are able to marry cutting edge technology with years of market experience to give our clients accurate measurements of their target demographic for any given OOH panel. By using the latest mapping software, we are able to put together the purpose, origin and frequency of trips that are made by the commuters and residents of each area where you want to place the OOH panels. We are also able to create the most likely paths taken so that you can place your outdoor ads based on accurate information of the people who would be viewing the panels. Our advertising professionals are able to help our clients execute strategic OOH marketing campaigns with our in-depth knowledge and by using cutting edge tools.